23+ Accident Interview Questions And Answers

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Accident Interview Questions And Answers

What Is An Accident?

It is an unplanned taking place.

What Is An ‘incident’?

An incident is an unplanned occasion with the potential to result in an accident.

What Is A ‘hazard’?

A hazard is something with the potential to trigger hurt.

Why Remove Your Gloves Before You Remove Your Goggles?

To stop contamination of the face or eyes by a substance or substances which are in your gloves.

Give Two Reasons For Not Piling A Trolley High With Goods?

  • Obscures Vision.
  • Unstable.
  • May trigger again pressure.

Should Accident Prevention Be Left To The Safety Manager As The Representative Of Management, And The Supervisory Staff In A Place Of Work?

No – It is the accountability of all involved within the office.

Give Two Reasons Why All Accidents Should Be Reported Immediately?

  • So that an investigation to find out the trigger could also be instituted.
  • So that accidents could also be attended to.

What Two Main Precautions Must Be Taken When Using A Safety Belt?

  • It must be mounted to a safe level.
  • The free fall must be saved to a minimal.

Give Two Reasons For The Investigation Of An Accident?

  • Find the trigger.
  • Prevent reoccurrence.

Why Investigate An Incident Even If No Accident Occurred?

To stop the recurrence of a scenario the place any individual could also be injured.

What Responsibility Has An Employee To Avoid Accidents?

He should work safely and use all of the protecting tools supplied for him.

Management Has Been Known To Delegate Responsibility And Authority For Accident Prevention. Are They Correct In Doing This, Qualify Your Answer?

No They will not be appropriate in doing this. You can solely delegate Authority, you can’t delegate Responsibility, the buck nonetheless stops on the Chief Executive’s desk.

The Human Senses, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Feel, And Taste Can All Be Used As A Warning Device. Give An Example How Four Of Them Can Be Used?

  • Sight:  Notices, Signs, Signals, Labelling and Notes.
  • Hearing:  Alarms, Shouts, and so on.
  • Smell: Odour Detection, Rotten and so on.
  • Feel: Vibration, Temperature, Sharpness, and so on.
  • Taste:  Foul tasting, Rotten, and so on.

Name Six Areas Into Which Accident Costs May Be Classified?

  • Wage Losses.
  • Production Losses.
  • Medical Costs.
  • Property Damage.
  • Investigation Costs.
  • Insurance Costs.

Give Five Consequences Of An Accident?

  • Pain and Suffering.
  • Loss of labor and wages.
  • Loss of manufacturing.
  • Damage to plant.
  • Non productive losses.

What Are The Immediate And Ultimate Objectives Of An Accident Investigation. Qualify Your Answer?

The Immediate Objective – is to get correct details about the trigger and circumstances of the accident.

The Ultimate Objective – is to stop future occurrences of comparable accidents, to uncover new hazards, and to plan strategies to manage these hazards.

Name Four Ways Whereby One Could Prevent Accidents?

  • Good Housekeeping.
  • Good Maintenance.
  • Secure Guarding.
  • Cleanliness.
  • Controlling environmental circumstances.

State Four Methods That Can Be Utilised To Prevent New Workers To An Area Suffering Accidents?

  • Train them within the new work location course of
  • Put them within the cost of an skilled employee.
  • Instruct them within the risks and the precautions to take.
  • Ensure that they’ve ample supervision.

What Are Six Of The Most Important Duties Of A Safety Officer?

  • To be certain that statutory security necessities are recognised and handled by line administration.
  • The enchancment of security associated working circumstances.
  • Monitoring the appropriateness and carrying of security clothes and tools.
  • Training in accident prevention.
  • Keeping administration suggested on questions of safety.
  • Investigation and recording of accidents.

Who Should Have The Prime Responsibility Of Investigating An Accident, And Who Should Not Investigate An Accident?

The Safety Officer, who’s educated and outfitted for accident investigation. If attainable he/she must be accompanied by a member of the protection session mechanism, or Safety Representative.
The supervisor/supervisor/foreperson of the world the place the accident occurred. They could also be concerned emotionally or by sense of guilt.

Give Three Reasons For A Supervisor To Be Concerned With The Safety Of His Workforce?

  • He is liable for the Health and Safety of his work pressure.
  • To enhance the ethical properly being of his/her work pressure.
  • To minimise accidents, ache and struggling, wage loss and so on.

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