63+ Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions And Answers

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Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions

Question 1. What Is Coldfusion?

In computing, ColdFusion is the title of a business speedy software growth platform invented by Jeremy and JJ Allaire in 1995. (The programming language used with that platform can also be generally known as ColdFusion, although is extra precisely often known as CFML.) ColdFusion was initially designed to make it simpler to attach easy HTML pages to a database, by model 2 (1996) it had turn out to be a full platform that included an IDE along with a “full” scripting language.

As of 2010, variations of ColdFusion (bought by Adobe Systems in 2005) embody superior options for enterprise integration and growth of wealthy Internet functions.

Question 2. What Advantages Has Coldfusion?

The benefits are a lot simpler Installation and Migration, it’s appropriate with every working system and database, it has easier studying course of and accelerated growth, has permissions to every J2EE library and this a part of Adobe household being appropriate with Flash, Flex, PDF, and many others.

Question 3. Why Is Coldfusion Mx6 Different Than Coldfusion 5?

The variations of Coldfusion older than 6 the place developed with Microsoft Visual C++, model 6 is predicated on a Java sort of development. MX means Matrix, on this model an important issues carried out are: assist for Linux and Mac, OOP, Verity Searches.

Question 4. What Is The Meaning Of Application And Session Time Out And Where Are They Used?

Application Time Out is the period of the existence of an software, till it occasions out, if it’s not accessed. Session Time Out is the period of the existence protocols of a session till it occasions out, if it’s not accessed.

Question 5. What Meaning Has A Coldfusion Component?

Coldfusion element is a primary development block for making structured, teared or scalable functions, it’s made to course of black bins, for transactions and again­finish integration.
Question 6. What Is The Role Of A Cfchart Engine?

CFCHART has over 200 varied attributes, they are often modified and used for animation, colours and label management. The CFCHART engine could make graphs, sketches of charts which have nice high quality and are very helpful in Business Analysis; very versatile shows can be made.

Question 7. Are We Able To Communicate From Coldfusion To An Apache Or Iis Server?

Coldfusion is sort of a Common Gateway Interface Application. This means it really works like a mechanism that permits dynamic output to be obtained by net servers. Usually net servers use static information and now the dynamic information shall be seen as static.

when a request is transmitted by the browser to an internet server for the aim of getting a Coldfusion template the server will see the info despatched by the browser as a CGI output request.
within the case by which varieties are used to provoke requests the info from the shape shall be saved by the server in a spot the place different applications could discover it.To do that we frequently use STDOUT information streams. The type info shall be written to the INI sort of recordsdata by the WinCGI interface, it is going to turn out to be obtainable for the CGI software for studying.
the info is requested by the CGI program and returned in step.
the info is formatted by the CGI program and return in step.
the output is obtained by the server which makes the subsequent server facet processing that’s required after which it’s despatched to the browser. Normally Coldfusion makes use of server API modules for server to server communication.

Question 8. How Are Stored Procedures And Calling Sql Inline Different In Coldfusion Regarding Advantages And Disadvantages?

Stored procedures give the very best efficiency in terms of placing software logic to the database facet. They have the drawback of slowing down the efficiency and the event if their code is weak.

Question 9. How Does The Application.cfm Work?

When web page listing of an software is just not having an Application.cfm web page, the Colfusion listing tree is being verified for the existence of an Application.cfm web page; if there are multiple in a number of directories, the primary discovered shall be used. If the permission are set, Coldfusion will embody Application.cfm anyway. For each request just one Application.cfm shall be processed.

Question 10. What Is The Meaning Of Onrequestend.cfm And When Is The Execution Made?

The OnRequestEnd.cfm web page is processed after each web page within the software, in the identical means like Application.cfm performing previous to the applying web page code. OnRequestEnd.cfm and Application.cfm pages must exist in the identical listing that’s utilized by Coldfusion for the current web page. Only that listing isbeing searched.

Question 11. What Are The Main Components Of Coldfusion?

ColdFusion have the next essential elements:

ColdFusion admin
CFML (ColdFusion markup language)
CF script
Variety search

Question 12. What Is The Architecture Of Coldfusion?

Presentation server (presentation layer), Application server, Web server and a database server. It has a J2ee net container that’s the base of ColdFusion atmosphere. And a ColdFusion runtime atmosphere that can interprets the ColdFusion requests, and a database server.

Question 13. What Are The Main Features Of Coldfusion?

ColdFusion has many advantages over different net languages. The very very first thing we have to talk about is, ColdFusion is the primary net languages that has been developed to construct net software (dynamic). After ColdFusion, PHP, and Microsoft’s asp .web had been out there. PHP is free and so many small firms and particular person entrepreneurs use it. So php is extensively used in comparison with others as a result of it’s free. Microsoft’s asp .web is subsequent to it for mid to large measurement organizations because it give good assist and naturally the model title additionally does the magic. ColdFusion although it’s the first language from the remaining, due to lack of publicity and value, it’s nonetheless not extensively used. But beneath are the principle advantages of ColdFusion over others. It could be very straightforward to put in and really straightforward emigrate from older model to new model. It does assist all working programs. It could be very straightforward to be taught due to its self explanatory code/tags.

Easy integration to different adobe merchandise akin to flex, adobe pdf, flash and many others.. Good database assist and works for all protocols.

Question 14. What Is The Main Difference Between Coldfusion 5.0 And Coldfusion mx6.0?

New period began for ColdFusion from MX variations.. akin to Mac, Linux assist, Flash remoting new Variety search functionalityand code and debug of flash elements.

Question 15. What Are The Advantages Of Coldfusion 9 Over Older Versions?

ColdFusion 9.Zero has many advantages over older variations and to call few they’re:
Coldfusion can be utilized as a service with out writing strains of code, we are able to get outcomes through the use of: CFChart, Cfdocument, CFImage, CFmail, CFPDF and cfpop and many others. And additionally these providers will be sandboxed to be able to give extra safety. Adobe AIR database synchronization. New AJAX controls are added. Server supervisor is a brand new characteristic by which from one entry level we are able to handle a number of admin duties of assorted servers. Also ColdFusion 9 permits you to create coldfusion element as a portlet.

Question 16. What Is An Application.cfm Page And Why It Is Used? Is It Mandatory? How Many Application.cfm Pages We Can Use In A Coldfusion Application?

Application.cfm web page shall be used to outline software stage variables, for instance as a substitute of declaring dsn variable in each question you employ, you may outline the variable in software.cfm web page as soon as and may use that variable in each ColdFusion web page you employ queries to retrieve information from database. We can undoubtedly use multiple software.cfm pages, nevertheless, solely the primary software.cfm web page that the ColdFusion server finds, shall be used. Application.cfm web page is just not obligatory.

Question 17. What Are The Important Components Of Application.cfm Page?

Name, clientStorage, LoginStorage, ClientManagement, ApplicationTimeout, SetclientCcookies, SessionTimeout and many others..

Question 18. How To Use Clientmanagement In Application.cfm Page? Give An instance?

ClientManagement will be enabled and disabled as and once we want relying upon the requirement.

In the Application.cfc initialization code This.clientmanagement=”True” / “false”
This.clientStorage=”[Ur_datasource_name]” / “registry” / “cookie”

In appliation.cfm utilizing tag attributes consumerManagement=”sure” / “no”
clientStorage=”[Ur_datasource_name]” / “registry” / “cookie”

[Ur_datasource_name] ­ Stored in ODBC or native information supply.You should create storage repository within the Administrator. registry ­ Stored within the system registry.cookie ­ Stored on consumer laptop in a cookie. Scalable. If consumer disables cookies within the browser, consumer variables don’t work.

Question 21. How To You Debug A Coldfusion Program?

Coldfusion offers us many debugging choices to be able to hassle shoot a coldfusion program.

The vital are:
CFDUMP, eg: <cfdump var=”#abcd#”>
CFABORT, eg: <cfabort>

On the debugging settings in coldfusion administrator. (you will note the prolonged debugging info on the backside of the coldfusion end result).

Question 22. Can You Explain Get File & Put File ?

(coldfusion FTP ­ <cfftp>) : By utilizing coldfusion <cfftp> tag, we are able to ship information from native laptop to the server and in addition retrieve the info from server to the native laptop. By utilizing Get file, we are able to retrieve information from server:

By utilizingPut file, we are able to ship information to the server:

<cfftp motion=”putFile”

Question 23. How Error Handling Is Handled In Coldfusion?

While debugging is especially used to debug the code and to see run time values. Especially for hassle taking pictures. How ever, as soon as the applications are in manufacturing server, we can’t debug, however to avoide customers seeing all of the error messages when a program unexpectedly failed and throwing errors, we are able to use error dealing with strategies. TRY and CATCH is the very best amongst them to deal with any database associated errors.

Here is your precise code…of coldfusion….

Write your message to the consumer in case of any error.


Question 24. What Is Application Server?

A server that exposes business logic to consumer functions via varied protocols together with HTTP, HTTPS, IIOS/SSL.

Eg: Sun Java Application server, weblogic server It takes care of vital points like Transaction Management, Security, Database Connection Pooling, Clustering, Scalability,session administration,load balancing,thread administration and Messaging and many others. An online server can’t present these.

Question 25. What Is Web Server?

A pc that delivers (serves up) Web pages. Every Web server has an IP tackle and presumably a website title. For instance, in case you enter the URL http://www.domainname.com/index.html in your browser, this sends a request to the server whose area title is domainname.com. The server then fetches the web page named index.html and sends it to your browser. Any laptop will be was a Web server by putting in server software program and connecting the machine to the Internet. There are many Web server software program functions, together with public area software program from NCSA and Apache, and business packages from Microsoft, Netscape and others.

Question 26. Explain The Structure Of Cold Fusion?

ColdFusion is carried out on the J2EE. J2EE is a normal, it’s not a programming language. J2EE is an implementation of the Java programming language, however consists of quite a lot of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for connecting to databases, queuing messages, connecting to registries and naming and listing providers. All of those APIs are utilized by coldfusion for a lot of of its base providers and different runtime providers.

ColdFusion consists of following elements:

cf script
ColdFusion Administrator
Verity Search Server
Question 27. How Do You Call A Module Named “testmod.cfm” With The Parameters Param1=”sure” And Param2=5?

<cfmodule template=”testmod.cfm”

Question 28. How Would You Write A Left Join Statement To Return A Result Set Of Movie.title’s And Director.title’s?

SELECT film.title, director.title FROM film LEFT JOIN director ON film.id = director.movie_id .

Question 29. If There Are No Indexes Defined On Any Of The Columns In The Above Two Tables, Which Columns Would You Index To Speed Up The Left Join Query?


Question 30. How Would You Write A Simple Stored Procedure In Tsql Which Takes A Movie_id And Returns All The Directors Associated With It?

CREATE process [dbo].getDirector (
@movie_id INT
SELECT title FROM administrators WHERE movie_id = @movie_id

Question 31. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Stored Procedures Versus Calling Sql Inline In Cold Fusion?

Stored procedures summary database logic from server facet code. They additionally supply efficiency advantages in pushing software logic to the database facet. The drawback is that if they’re poorly written then they’ll hinder database efficiency and make growth somewhat extra obfuscated.

Question 32. How Can You Clear The Cache?

To Flush cached queries <cfobjectcache motion=”clear”>
To Flush cached pages <cfcache motion=”flush”>

Question 33. What Are Session Timeout And Application Timeout? Where We Have To Do This Process?

ApplicationTimeout : The time span an software will exist earlier than it occasions out (if the applying is just not accessed in any means). This defaults to the worth set within the ColdFusion administrator.
SessionTimeout : The time span a session will exist earlier than it occasions out (if the applying is just not entry in any means by that session’s consumer). This defaults to the worth set within the ColdFusion administrator.

Question 34. How Can You Set The Client Management?

We can allow & disable consumer administration in addition to we are able to configure How & Where consumer variables should be retailer

In the Application.cfc initialization code This.clientmanagement=”True” / “false”
This.clientStorage=”[Ur_datasource_name]” / “registry” / “cookie”

In appliation.cfm utilizing tag attributes consumerManagement=”sure” / “no”
clientStorage=”[Ur_datasource_name]” / “registry” / “cookie”

[Ur_datasource_name] ­ Stored in ODBC or native information supply. You should create storage repository within the Administrator. registry ­ Stored within the system registry. cookie ­ Stored on consumer laptop in a cookie. Scalable. If consumer disables cookies within the browser, consumer variables don’t work.

Question 35. What Is Cfapplication Tag?

It defines the scope of a ColdFusion software; permits and disables storage of Client variables; specifies the Client variable storage mechanism; permits Session variables; and units Application variable time­outs.

Question 36. What Is The Working Process For Application.cfm?

Yes. If the applying web page listing doesn’t have an Application.cfm web page, ColdFusion searches up the listing tree till it finds an Application.cfm web page. If a number of directories within the listing tree have an Application.cfm web page, ColdFusion makes use of the primary web page it finds. If the Application.cfm web page is current within the listing tree (and has the required permissions set), you can’t forestall ColdFusion from together with it.

ColdFusion processes just one Application.cfm web page for every request. If a ColdFusion web page has a cfinclude tag pointing to a further ColdFusion web page, ColdFusion doesn’t seek for an Application.cfm web page when it consists of the extra web page.

Question 37. How Would You Format Some Text Using Css To Be Verdana And Bold?


font­household: Verdana;
font­weight: daring;

Question 38. How Would You Declare An Inline Css To Format The Table With A Background Color Of Yellow And Give The Table Cell A Right Margin Of 10 Pixels?



margin: 0 10px Zero 0;

<td>Hello world</td>

Question 39. What Is The Difference Between Absolute And Relative Div Positioning?

Absolute is from absolutely the 0,Zero place within the high left nook of the browser window. Relative is relative from the positioning of the place the div is said inside the html physique.

Question 40. Can We Have Multiple Application.cfm File In An Application?

Yes. If the applying web page listing doesn’t have an Application.cfm web page, ColdFusion searches up the listing tree till it finds an Application.cfm web page. If a number of directories within the listing tree have an Application.cfm web page, ColdFusion makes use of the primary web page it finds. If the Application.cfm web page is current within the listing tree (and has the required permissions set), you can’t forestall ColdFusion from together with it. ColdFusion processes just one Application.cfm web page for every request. If a ColdFusion web page has a cfinclude tag pointing to a further ColdFusion web page, ColdFusion doesn’t seek for an Application.cfm web page when it consists of the extra web page.

Question 41. What Is Application.cfm?

When ColdFusion receives a request for an software web page, it searches the web page’s listing for a file named Application.cfm. If one exists, the Application.cfm code is logically included at first of that software web page. If your software runs on a UNIX platform, which is casesensitive, you should spell Application.cfm with an preliminary capital letter.

Question 42. Difference Between Cold Fusion Mx 6 And Cold Fusion Mx 7?

Windows authentication launched thorough “cfntauthenticate” tag cfcompile utility launched which used for Sourceless deployment

Administrator API: Change ColdFusion settings programmatically, with out logging into the CF Administrator.
Gateways: SMS, IM (based mostly on Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) gateways launched
Flash varieties , Skinnable XML varieties launched
New report builder launched

Question 43. How Can You Communicate With Web Server (apache Or Iis) From Coldfusion?

Cold Fusion is an instance of a Common Gateway Interface software. The Common Gateway Interface is a mechanism to permit Web servers, that are designed to serve static paperwork, to obtain dynamic output from applications and serve it as if it had been static information.

When a browser sends a request for a Cold Fusion template to a Web server, a number of issues should occur. First, the Web server acknowledges the knowledge from the browser as a request for CGI output.
If the request was initiated from a type, the server has to put in writing the shape area info to some space in storage that’s accessible to different applications on the machine. Usually, that is completed through the use of STDOUT information streams. The WinCGI interface, which can be utilized by WebWebsite and different servers, writes the shape information to INI­type recordsdata on disk, that are then opened and browse by the CGI software.
The CGI program requests information from the info supply, which is returned in step
The CGI program codecs the info as HTML output, returning this output to the server in step
The server receives this output, performs any additional server­facet processing needed, after which sends it to the browser.
Cold Fusion defaults to utilizing server API modules as a substitute of CGI to speak between the Web Server and ColdFusion Application Server.

Question 44. What Are The Advantages Of Cold Fusion?

Simplified Installation and Migration
All Operating System (OS) Support All Database assist
Faster Development & Easy to Learn
Improved & assist for all Protocols
entry to all of the J2EE libraries
Integration with Other adobe Products (Flex, Flash, PDF..)

Question 45. Compare Cold Fusion With Other Programming Languages?

For each language has its execs and cons. Q5 is reply for this additionally, But I’ll level out one or 2 benefits of CF over different languages.

vs PHP : Ajax options, Integration with adobe merchandise, group assist, J2EE
vs Java : Easy to be taught, Code developmet & maintence value
vs .NET : All OS, Most of webserver Support

Question 46. Difference Between Cold Fusion 5 And Cold Fusion Mx 6?

All variations of ColdFusion prior to six.Zero had been written utilizing Microsoft Visual C++. CF MX 6.Zero transfer to the Java­ based mostly structure. Major issues launched in CFMX (MX ­ Matrix, Code title is NEO ­ hero of Matrix).

I identified a few of them beneath:

Mac,Linux OS assist
Flash Remoting skill to code and debug Flash
API was launched with an OOP
Added Verity Searches

Question 47. What Is Url Token?

Combination of CFID and CFTOKEN is known as as url token. If consumer disable the browser cookie, It is used to trace a consumer’s browser session.

Question 48. What Is Cfobject?

CFC will be instantiated as an object, utilizing the <cfobject> tag.

Question 49. What Is Createobject?

CreateObject() is a practical equal of the tag.
CreateObject() can be utilized to instantiate CFCs similar to can, however there may be one notable distinction:
As a operate, CreateObject() can be utilized in a block (whereas can’t).

Question 50. How Can You Call The External Exe Files?

utilizing cfexecute tag, we are able to name the exterior exe recordsdata.Below instance executes the Windows NT model of the netstat community monitoring program, and locations its output in a file.

<cfexecute title = “C:WinNTSystem32netstat.exe”
arguments = “­e”
outputFile = “C:Tempoutput.txt”
timeout = “1”>

Question 51. How Can You Invoke Cfc?

Method 1:

<cfinvoke element=”consumer” technique=”Get”
<cfinvokeargument title=”id” worth=”#id#”>

Method 2:

<!­­­ Load CFC as an object ­­­>
<cfobject element=”consumer” title=”userObj”>
<!­­­ Invoke technique ­­­>
<cfinvoke element=”#userObj#” technique=”Get” id=”#id#”
Method 3:

// Load CFC as an object

// Invoke technique


Method 4: URL Invocation : CFCs can be invoked on the command line instantly; each CFC has a URL that factors to it. When invoking CFCs through URLs, the strategy and any arguments are handed as URL parameters, as seen right here:


Question 52. What Is Cftransaction?

For enterprise database administration programs that assist transaction processing, instructs the database administration system to deal with a number of database operations as a single transaction. It offers database commit and rollback processing. See the documentation in your database administration system to find out whether or not it helps SQL transaction processing.
isolation = “read_uncommitted|read_committed|repeatable_read”
savepoint = “savepoint title”>

Question 53. Can We Have More Than Data Source Within Cftransaction?

No.Datasource Names For All The Database Tags Within CFTRANSACTION Must Be The Same. The workaround for the issue of CFTRANSACTION with completely different information supply, Use identical datasource in CFQUERY however contained in the cfquery prefix the desk with desired database within the question.

<cfquery datasource=identical>
<cfquery datasource=identical>
SELECT * FROM different.dbo.TableName

Question 54. What Is Cfscheduler?

It offers a programmatic interface to the ColdFusion scheduling engine. It can run a CFML web page at scheduled intervals, with the choice to put in writing the web page output to a static HTML web page. This characteristic allows you to schedule pages that publish information, akin to experiences, with out ready whereas a database transaction is carried out to populate the web page.

Question 55. What Is Wddx? Where All Are Applicable?

For XML to work, each sender and recipient should agree on an XML language, and all information should be nicely fashioned in keeping with that language. WDDX is Macromedia’s contribution to the XML group. It is an open­supply XML DTD (Document Type Definition) that defines generic information varieties akin to strings, arrays, constructions, and recordsets. WDDX is an XML language that defines information not any particular implementation, however uncooked information itself. This could make information sharing through XML fast and painless (it does not require that an XML language be agreed upon).

Question 56. What Is Query In Query?

ColdFusion permits builders to reuse current queries by working queries towards them in reminiscence. This offers you the benefit of having the ability to keep away from the customarily expensive efficiency hit of going again to the database to control information that the applying server has already lately known as. A normal <cfquery> assertion can be utilized to name a question variable in reminiscence as if it had been merely a desk of information in an obtainable information supply. Query variables may even be joined, which offers attention-grabbing prospects for becoming a member of information from disparate info sources.

Question 57. How Can You Connect With Database From Coldfusion?

Database manipulation tags (cfquery, cfstoredproc, cfinsert, cfupdate) have an attribute known as datasource which used to determine/connect with a database. Data sources will be outlined in CF administrator part.

Question 58. How Can You Create Tab Strip?

Coldfusion launched straightforward to make use of AJAX UI components. cflayout and cflayoutarea tags used to create tab strips:

<cflayout sort=”tab”>
<cflayoutarea title=”Tab 1″>
I’m regular tab content
<cflayoutarea title=”Tab 2″ chosen=”true”>
This tab chosen at web page load
<cflayoutarea title=”Tab 3″ disabled=”true”>
you may’t see me, bcz I’m in disabled tab
<cflayoutarea title=”Tab 4″ closable=”true”>
U can kill 🙂 (shut) me

Question 59. What Is Flash Form?

Flash type is a type like abnormal HTML type, with flash format which run on flash participant enabled browsers. Using cfform tag CF robotically generates the swf format type’s Flash binary out of your CFML code. Flash Forms can be utilized to create a greater varieties expertise in your customers. These options embody accordion­type and a number of­tab type panes and computerized ingredient positioning. You may also show cftree, cfgrid, and cfcalendar type components as Flash

Question 60. What Is The Difference Between Client And Session Variables?

Session variables can be utilized to dump complicated information constructions like arrays and constructions.But consumer variable are used solely in case of easy variables.

Question 61. What Is Structure? What Are The Different Functions In Structure?

ColdFusion constructions encompass key­worth pairs. Structures allow you to construct a set of associated variables which might be grouped underneath a single title. A construction’s key should be a string. The values related to the important thing will be any legitimate ColdFusion worth or object. It could be a string or integer, or a fancy object akin to an array or one other construction. Because constructions can comprise any sort of information they supply a really highly effective and versatile mechanism for representing complicated information. verify Structure features right here.

Question 62. What Is The Difference Between Structure And Array?

In construction one can mix variables of various datatype in to a standard information sort Whereas arrays are sequentially saved values of the identical datatype.

Question 63. What Is Cookie Variables?

Cookies are server particular merely saved variables saved in recordsdata within the browser’s file system. It used to trace state

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