Campaign Manager Brand Controls Basics Assessment Answers 2020

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Campaign Manager Brand Controls Basics Assessment Answers

A Partner Program Channel Can Serve Ads On YouTube Once It Reaches 100 Views.

  • False
  • True

To Be Eligible For Advertising, Which Of The Following Must Videos Comply With?

  • Advertiser friendly content guidelines
  • AdSense Program Policies
  • Search Network Policies
  • Nothing

An Advertiser Wants To See What Portion Of Their Ads Are Serving Outside Their Targeted Geographic Region. Where Should They Look?

  • Verification reports
  • Publisher reports
  • Report Builder
  • Ad targeting settings

How Does Google Determine Which Content Is Suitable For Advertising On The Display Network?

  • All publishers are required to adhere to the AdSense policies, which dictate the types of content suitable for ads.
  • Publishers tell Google which content is suitable for ads.
  • Once Google approves a new publisher, all of that publisher’s content is eligible to serve ads through the Display Network.
  • It categorizes content into three categories: low, medium, and premier.

Why Would An Advertiser Use Digital Content Labels?

  • To verify their ads are running next to content that is suitable for their audience
  • To verify their ads are running on high-end devices
  • To verify their ads are running in a spot that’s viewable
  • To verify their ads are running on premium inventory

These Were Created To Promote A Positive Community For Video Creators, Users, And Advertisers Alike On YouTube.

  • Google Display Network Policies
  • AdSense Program Policies
  • YouTube Community Guidelines
  • YouTube Partner Program

An Advertiser Wants To Prevent Ads For Their New Campaign From Serving On Problematic Domains. What Should They Do?

  • Run default ads
  • Enable ad blocking
  • Unassign ads from the placement
  • Deactivate the ad tag

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