Google Creative Certification Exam Answers 2020

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Table of Contents

New Google Creative Certification Exam Answers 2020

Which Two Capabilities Are Possible With Dynamic Preview Sheets? (Select Two)

  • External sharing to stakeholders without Studio access
  • Editing within the preview sheet
  • Bulk dynamic previews via .csv import
  • Ability to download and share as a PDF file

Which Two Video Formats Can Be Built As Rich Media In Studio? (Select Two)

  • YouTube TrueView
  • Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)
  • In-banner video MPU
  • Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID)

Which Two Options Must Be True To Use Open Optimization? (Select Two)

  • In “Step 3: Manage Rules” rotation must be set to “Optimized”
  • More than one row in the feed must be eligible to serve
  • The dynamic feed must include a row with “optimize” in the cell
  • Only one row in the feed must be eligible to be served

What Is The Method Most Often Used To Define The Dynamic Content For A Creative?

  • External API
  • Code within the creative
  • Spreadsheet
  • Campaign Manager

In What Section Of Studio Is User Access Managed?

  • Dynamic Content
  • Assets
  • Creative
  • Admin

What Are Two Benefits Of Using Dynamic Creatives In Studio? (Select Two)

  • Ability to test different ad formats within one creative
  • Ability to test different sizes within one creative
  • Ability to test different content within one creative
  • Ability to build and traffic only one creative per ad size

What Feature Can Be Used To Target Multiple Columns In A Feed One At A Time?

  • Trafficking rules
  • Prioritized rules
  • Feed priority
  • Rotation priority

What Is The Proper Format For Geo-Targeting A Location In A Feed?

  • Los Angeles,United States
  • Los Angeles,United States,California
  • Los Angeles,California
  • Los Angeles,California,United States

What Tool Makes It Possible To Preview A Creative On A Mobile Device That’s Linked To A Studio Account?

  • QA Helper extension
  • Creative Preview app
  • IAB VAST tag tool
  • Google Web Designer

What Is The Asset Library File Size Limit Per Upload For Non-Video Files?

  • 20MB
  • 5MB
  • 15MB
  • 10MB

Echo Remarketing Uses Dynamic Content From What Source?

  • The creative code
  • A feed
  • Custom Floodlight variables
  • Dynamic rules

What Is The Minimum Number Of Exits Required For A Creative?

  • 3
  • 1
  • 2
  • 0

When You Have Multliple Images To Support Different Creative Sizes Within A Single Profile, What Action Should Be Taken?

  • Upload the images to Asset Library to generate the different creative sizes
  • Create one feed per ad size
  • Use a single image and Studio will resize automatically
  • Create one feed and filter by creative dimensions

What Method For Using Custom Fonts Is NOT Supported For Dynamic Text?

  • Any fonts uploaded with a creative in Studio
  • Fonts added to Asset Library and linked to a creative in Studio
  • Fonts stored on a File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Fonts loaded from Google Fonts

What Dynamic Strategy Uses A Naming Convention To Replace Numeric Campaign Manager IDs?

  • Data pass
  • Display & Video 360 line item filtering
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic targeting keys

Which Two Preview Types Can Be Used To Generate A Dynamic Preview? (Select Two)

  • Filter by feed element name
  • Filter by dynamic criteria
  • Filter by reporting label
  • Filter by row ID

Where Are Dynamic Profiles Located?

  • In the Creatives tab when viewing a dynamic creative
  • In Advertisers under Advertiser association
  • In the Dynamic Content tab next to advertiser name
  • In the Assets tab under Account Details

What Profile Setting Allows Studio To Match More Than One Row On Impression?

  • Dependent selection
  • Profile field
  • Auto-filter
  • Quantity

Which Two Data Types Are NOT Supported As Dynamic Elements? (Select Two)

  • HTML5 animations
  • Text
  • Decimal numbers
  • Numerical fractions

The HTML5 Enabler Should Be Added To Which Tag In A Creative’s HTML File?

  • <script>
  • <div>
  • <head>
  • <body>

Which Two Types Of Creatives Either Float Above A Webpage Or Fill An Entire Mobile Screen? (Select Two)

  • Interstitial creative
  • Floating creative
  • Expandable creative
  • Banner creative

How Can A Dynamic Preview Sheet Be Removed From A Studio Profile?

  • Delete the preview sheet
  • Open the preview sheet and click “Undo”
  • Archive the preview sheet
  • Edit permissions to the preview sheet

In What Section Of Studio Can Users Upload And Manage Ad Files?

  • Dynamic Content
  • Admin
  • Creative
  • Assets

Which Three Rotation Settings Are Available In Studio? (Select Three)

  • Optimized
  • Random
  • Sequential
  • Weighted

What Type Of Creative Appears Within A Set Of Borders And Doesn’t Expand Or Cover A Website’s Content?

  • Floating creative
  • Expandable creative
  • Interstitial creative
  • Banner creative

What Action Occurs When Assets Are Uploaded To The Creative Section?

  • Creatives are delivered to Campaign Manager for trafficking
  • Assets are automatically resized
  • Assets are shared across all advertisers in the Studio account
  • Assets are copied to the Asset Library

In What Section Of Studio Can Users Create And Manage Dynamic Profiles?

  • Creative
  • Dynamic Content
  • Assets
  • Admin

What Values Are Included In The Targeting Column Of A Remarketing Feed?

  • Third-party cookie values
  • Floodlight custom variable (“u-var”) values
  • The advertiser’s cookie values
  • Floodlight audience list IDs

When An Asset Is Selected In The Asset Library, Which Three Attributes Appear In The Asset Details Section? (Select Three)

  • Creatives that use the asset
  • A preview of the individual asset
  • Asset dimensions
  • Dynamic path

Which Three Elements Are Required For A Dynamic Creative? (Select Three)

  • Asset Library
  • Studio creative
  • Studio profile
  • Dynamic content

To Target Multiple Campaign Manager IDs Within One Cell Of A Feed, What Character Is Used To Separate IDs?

  • Comma (“,”)
  • Pipe (“|”)
  • Semi-colon (“;”)
  • Percent sign (“%”)

What Do “Counters” Measure In Studio?

  • Number of users that did not interact with a creative
  • Elapsed time interacting with a creative element
  • Number of times an action is taken within a creative
  • Length of time a video creative is played

When Should The Dynamic Creative Be Uploaded To Studio?

  • AFTER creating the preview sheet, but BEFORE creating the feed and Studio profile
  • AFTER creating the feed and publishing the Studio profile
  • AFTER creating the feed and Studio profile, but BEFORE publishing the profile
  • AFTER creating the feed, but BEFORE creating and publishing the Studio profile

Which Three Creative Types Are Allowed When Using VPAID Creatives? (Select Three)

  • Interstitial
  • Full-screen expanding
  • Banner
  • HTML5 non-linear

What Step Must Be Taken Before Initiating A Fullscreen Expansion?

  • Establish a connection to your dynamic feed
  • Add a polite loader
  • Check that the Enabler has been initialized
  • Determine the size of the screen

Which Two Methods Can Be Used To Build Dynamic Creatives For Studio? (Select Two)

  • Adobe Edge Animate
  • Google Web Designer
  • Hand-coded HTML + JavaScript
  • Libraries such as jQuery or CreateJS

When A User Generates A Dynamic Preview And Receives The Error “Can’t Show A Preview Because You Haven’t Set A Default Creative Or Your Applied Filters Don’t Match Any Feed Rows,” What First Step Should Be Taken To Troubleshoot The Error?

  • Retransform the feed
  • Check if the correct feed filtering parameters were applied in the preview panel
  • Confirm the feed is complete with no warnings
  • Re-upload the feed

Which Two Methods Can Be Used To Connect Dynamic Data To An Element In The Creative? (Select Two)

  • Custom JavaScript
  • Binding in Google Web Designer
  • Binding in Campaign Manager
  • Custom Floodlight variables

What Is The Asset Library File Size Limit Per Upload For Video Files?

  • 60MB
  • 80MB
  • 50MB
  • 100MB

What User Access Level Allows Read And Write Access To Create Or Edit A Dynamic Profile And Feed?

  • Dynamic Content User
  • Content Reader
  • Content Writer
  • Content Owner

What Steps Should Be Taken Under Manage Data To Upload A New Feed To The Studio Profile?

  • Select an existing source and update the content with the new feed
  • Select New Feed and then click “Start import”
  • Select “New profile field” and enter a name in the text field
  • Select New Content, then Content source, and click “Start import”

What Are Two Creative Elements That Can Be Dynamic? (Select Two)

  • Text
  • Clickthrough URLs
  • Ad border
  • Creative type

To Preview A Creative On A Blank Page, What Option Should Be Selected From The Dropdown?

  • Custom URL
  • Sample website
  • On screen
  • Blank page

To Create A Dynamic Profile, What Steps Must Be Taken In The Dynamic Content Section?

  • Under the advertiser, click “New Profile,” update the name then click “Create”
  • Add the dynamic Enabler code from the Generate Code section to the creative
  • Go to Studio Campaign, upload a dynamic creative, and click “Save”
  • Assign the HTML5 creative files to the advertiser and click “Create Dynamic Profile”

What’s The Most Efficient Way To Target One Headline To 10 Different Audience IDs In A Feed?

  • Add 10 rows and 10 columns with an audience ID in each row and column
  • Add 10 comma-separated audience IDs into one cell
  • Add 10 columns with a different audience ID in each column
  • Add 10 rows with a different audience ID in each row

Which Two Columns Are Required In A Feed? (Select Two)

  • Unique ID
  • Clickthrough URL
  • Reporting label
  • Headline text

What Does Optimization Prioritize When Used For Dynamic Creatives?

  • The best performing rows in the feed
  • The best performing creative in Campaign Manager
  • The best performing columns in the feed
  • The best performing placement in Campaign Manager

What Are Three Benefits Of Filtering By Creative Dimensions? (Select Three)

  • Easier to remove and add creative sizes in the feed
  • Lets dynamic campaigns scale as more creative sizes are added
  • Allows pulling preview sheets across all sizes without specifying the creative size in Step 5: Preview
  • Allows for less columns which reduces the dynamic response data sent from the ad server to the creative

How Can A Studio Profile Be Edited Without Impacting The Live Campaign?

  • Edit the feed
  • Create a draft version of the profile
  • Create a new profile using the existing feed
  • Retransform the feed

Where Is The Dynamic Path For An Asset Found?

  • In the Details section of the selected asset
  • In the Account Summary page
  • In the General Info section
  • In the Creatives section

How Many Studio Profiles Can A Dynamic Creative Be Linked To?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • Unlimited

In The Dynamic Workflow After Managing The Data And Rules, What Is The Next Step To Set Up A Dynamic Creative?

  • Publish the creative to Campaign Manager
  • Generate the code
  • Set up the reporting dimensions
  • Review the preview sheet

What Feature Allows Users To Create A Dynamic Field Without Needing To Upload A Feed?

  • Profile field
  • Constant matching
  • Feed scheduling
  • Filter by feed row ID

To Build An Expanding Creative, Which Three Panels Must Be Included In The HTML? (Select Three)

  • Collapsed
  • Expanded
  • Auto-expand
  • Main

What Dynamic Strategy Allows Flight Scheduling Of Dynamic Creatives?

  • Start and end date scheduling
  • Weighted rotation
  • Campaign Manager Placement ID
  • Dynamic targeting keys

What Are Three Benefits Of Using An Existing Google Merchant Center Feed For Dynamic Creatives In Studio? (Select Three)

  • Built-in abilty to use Google’s recommendation engine
  • Updates to the Google Merchant Center feed are automatically synced in Studio
  • Ability to apply additional filtering logic to the Google Merchant Center feed
  • No row limit for the Google Merchant Center feed

Which Types Of Assets Can Be Used In Studio? (Select Two)

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .eps
  • .tiff

When Using Creative Dimension Filtering, What Steps Must Be Taken To Generate Dynamic Previews Correctly?

  • Enter the creative sizes as comma-separated values, select the corresponding creative sizes, and click “Apply”
  • Enter the creative size and click “Apply”
  • Enter one creative size, select the creative for that size, and click “Apply”
  • Select all creative sizes and click “Apply”

In What Product Are Dynamic Targeting Keys Created?

  • Campaign Manager
  • Studio
  • Search Ads 360
  • Display & Video 360

Which Two Targeting Types Are Supported In Studio For Dynamic Creatives? (Select Two)

  • Language targeting
  • Audience targeting
  • Geo-targeting
  • Device targeting

What Field Type Is Used For Data Pass Targeting In A Dynamic Profile?

  • Display & Video 360 Line Item Id
  • Remarketing Value
  • Custom value
  • Campaign Manager Site ID

Which Two Campaign Manager Attributes Can Be Used As Filters In A Dynamic Feed? (Select Two)

  • Canonical geolocation
  • Floodlight ID
  • Placement ID
  • Site ID

In What Section Of Studio Are Creative Images And Videos Stored?

  • Admin
  • Creative
  • Dynamic Content
  • Assets

When Working On A Profile With A Ranked Combination Of Rules, What Feature Should Be Used At The Manage Rules Stage?

  • Weighted rotation
  • Prioritized rules
  • Sequential rotation and prioritized rules
  • Optimized rotation

Which Two Variables Can Be Used To Optimize The Rotation Of Dynamic Creatives? (Select Two)

  • Designated weights
  • Impression-to-view rate
  • Click-through-conversion rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)

Which Three Components Are Available In Google Web Designer? (Select Three)

  • Counters
  • Tap Area
  • Maps
  • YouTube Video Player

When Should The Code From “Step 4: Generate Code” Be Called By A Hand-Coded Dynamic Creative?

  • BEFORE the Enabler has been initialized and dynamic content is accessed
  • AFTER the Enabler has been initialized, but BEFORE dynamic content is accessed
  • BEFORE the Enabler has been initialized, and AFTER dynamic content is accessed
  • AFTER the Enabler has been initialized, and AFTER dynamic content is accessed

Which Three Feed Types Can Be Used For Importing Data Into Dynamic Campaigns In Studio? (Select Three)

  • Google Spreadsheets
  • CSV
  • XLS
  • Google Merchant Center

Which Two Settings Determine Which Dynamic Content Is Selected By The Ad Server To Send To The Creative? (Select Two)

  • Reporting dimensions in Studio
  • Code within the creative
  • Targeting rules in Studio
  • Rotation options in Studio

When A Feed Contains A Column Of Dynamic Clickthrough URLs, What Function Will A Hand-Coded Creative Use?

  • Enabler.exit()
  • Enabler.clickthrough()
  • Enabler.exitOverride()
  • Enabler.exitOnQuery()

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