50+ Drupal Interview Questions And Answers 2020

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Drupal Interview Questions For Fresher & Experienced 2020

What is Drupal

Drupal is free, open-source content administration framework written in PHP. Drupal is distributed beneath GNU General Public License.

Drupal is a framework which manage, handle and publish content simply and supplies quite a lot of options of customization.

What are some mostly used PHP primarily based CMS?

Following are some mostly used PHP primarily based CMS:

  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • TYPO3

Why Drupal is so fashionable and referred to as a robust framework?

Drupal could be very straightforward to study and deal with. A consumer with nil programming talent may also deal with the content administration and customization of a Drupal’s web site. That’s why Drupal is getting fashionable day-to-day.

What are system necessities for Drupal set up?

System necessities for Drupal 8:

  • Web server: Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS
  • Database: MySQL 5.5.3/MariaDB 5.5.20/Percona Server 5.5.Eight or larger with PDO and an InnoDB-compatible main storage engine, PostgreSQL 9.1.2 or larger with PDO, SQLite 3.6.Eight or larger
  • PHP 5.5.9 or larger
  • PHP Memory: 60 MB

Explain Drupal’s options.

Drupal has quite a lot of options:

  • Simple and safe theme
  • Mobile first
  • Provides multilingual options
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy writing
  • Quick edits
  • Better assist
  • Built-in net companies
  • Fast loading pace

What is module in Drupal?

A module is a set of codes that reach Drupal options and performance.

Drupal modules:

Core modules: These modules are included with the primary obtain of Drupal, and you’ll activate their performance with out putting in extra software program.

Contributed modules: These modules are downloaded from the Modules obtain part of drupal.org, and put in inside your Drupal set up.

You may also create your personal module “CustomModules” utilizing PHP programming, and Drupal’s module API.

Write down some modules which are utilized in Drupal?

Some of the modules really helpful are:

  • Views
  • Token
  • Ctools
  • Quicktabs
  • Pathauto

What is a sub theme in Drupal?

Sub themes are similar to different themes of Drupal however they’ve a little bit distinction. Sub themes inherit the guardian’s theme. There are many sub themes that may be related to their dad and mom. A sub-theme generally is a baby of one other sub-theme, and it may be branched and arranged nevertheless you see match. This is what provides sub-themes nice potential.

Drupal Interview Questions

What does PDO imply in Drupal?

PDO stands for PHP Data Object. It is a lean and constant strategy to entry databases. It facilitates builders to jot down transportable codes simply. PDO will not be an abstraction layer. It is extra like an information entry layer which makes use of a unified API.

What is DRUSH in Drupal?

DRUSH is a command line shell and UNIX scripting interface for Drupal.

Can Drupal run on command line?

Yes. Drupal can run on command line through the use of DRUSH.

Why is Ctools utilized in Drupal?

Ctools is a set of APIs and instruments which is used to enhance the developer expertise.

What are the render arrays in Drupal?

Render arrays are the fundamental constructing blocks in Drupal. They present you a structured strategy to programmatically change the content earlier than it’s displayed.

Drupal 8 Interview Questions

What are patches in Drupal?

Patches are the information that include a listing of variations between one set of information, and one other. You could make adjustments like addition, deletion in codes via patches. Patches may also be used to make adjustments to a different copy of the unique or important file.

Is it attainable to disable a core required modules via Drupal admin?

No. It will not be attainable to disable a core required module via Drupal admin.

Explain the database system in Drupal.

In Drupal database system, every sort of knowledge has its personal database desk. Different kinds of data might be saved in several database desk. For instance, nodes data is saved in nodes desk.

What are the supported databases by Drupal?

Drupal helps MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and in Drupal 7 SQLite.

How are you able to drop a desk utilizing module in Drupal?

To drop a desk you need to use db_drop_table in set up file.

What is Drupal distributions and when to make use of it.

Distributions are full copies of Drupal together with Drupal core together with extra software program akin to modules, libraries and set up profiles.

Distributions are used for:

  • Demoing Drupal
  • Evaluating Drupal
  • Quickly binding Site
  • Learning Drupal

What is Drupal weight?

The time period weight in Drupal is used to order nodes. Nodes with decrease weight might be at high of the record whereas nodes with heavier weight might be at decrease place.

Drupal 7 Interview Questions

What is Drupal cron?

The time period cron is a daemon that executes instructions at specified interval. Drupal cron executes instructions or scripts mechanically at specified interval.

Name the translations accessible in Drupal?

Languages by which Drupal might be translated are:

  • Catalan
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Hungarian

Name the 5 conceptual layers in Drupal system

  • Data (nodes, and so forth)
  • Modules
  • Blocks and menus
  • User permissions
  • Themes and templates

Explain the API in Drupal 7?

The subject API permits customized information fields to be hooked up to Drupal entities. Any entity sort can use subject API to make itself “fieldable” means permits fields to connect to it.

Drupal Interview Questions For Experienced

What is node in Drupal?

Drupal treats all of the saved content on its website as nodes. Any piece of content like blog, article, web page, and so forth is taken into account as node. Although, the feedback are usually not saved as nodes however they’re at all times related to a node.

What is template.php in Drupal?

The template.php file within the theme listing lets you override a theme perform.

Why ‘search’ perform in Drupal is healthier than different CMS?

Drupal integrates nicely with exterior search engines like google akin to Xapian, Apache solr if the built-in search engine doesn’t meet your wants correctly.

Drupal 8 Interview Questions For Experienced

Explain hooks in Drupal

Hooks are Drupal API code which permits module to work together with Drupal core. Its module system relies on the hooks idea.

How to work together with Drupal search methods?

There are 3 ways to work together with Drupal search system by implementing:

  • nodeapi (replace index)
  • hook_search()
  • hook_update_index()

How will you add customized PHP codes in Drupal pages or blocks?

Be default, Drupal does not permit the insertion of PHP codes in its pages. To embed PHP codes, it’s good to activate a Drupal module referred to as PHP filter. By default, this module stays disabled.

Drupal Developer Interview Questions

Explain using Sections module in Drupal

The Sections module permits making use of totally different themes to totally different pages in a Drupal website.

Explain Taxonomy in Drupal

Drupal classifies its content which known as taxonomy and is applied within the core Taxonomy module.

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