HubSpot Sales Management Training Strategies For Developing A Successful Modern Team Answers

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HubSpot Sales Management Training Strategies For Developing A Successful Modern Team Answers

True Or False? At The End Of A Good Onboarding Program, The Newly Hired Salesperson Will Know Everything They’ll Need To Know In Their New Role.

  • True
  • False

What’s The Sales Manager’s Role In The First Phase Of A Sales Training, When The Team Is Learning Something New?

  • Designing and delivering the training to the sales team
  • Ensuring all team members are present and actively engaged while the training is taking place
  • Ensuring the selected topics are presented in a way that will drive improvements to the way the sales team executes the sales process
  • Leading by example in attending and participating in the training

True Or False? You Need To Define Your Target Persona Before You Define Your Sales Process.

  • True
  • False

True Or False? Allowing Salespeople To Coach Each Other Will Distract From Their Primary Responsibility Of Finding And Closing New Business.

  • True
  • False

When Building A Recruiting Strategy, Which Of The Following Is A Good Long-Term Tactic?

  • Building relationships with top sales talent at other companies
  • Building relationships with high-performing business development reps at other companies
  • Attending networking events
  • Looking for employees in other departments of your company who can be moved to the sales team

True Or False? Job Interviews Are Highly Predictive Of How Successful A Person Will Be After They’re Hired.

  • True
  • False

What’s The Difference Between Training And Coaching?

  • Training teaches salespeople what they need to do, and coaching helps them improve how they do it.
  • Training happens in group settings, and coaching happens in one-on-one conversations.
  • Salespeople can train each other, but only a sales leader can coach.
  • Training is better for salespeople who are at the beginning of their career, and coaching is better for more experienced salespeople.

True Or False? During A Training, Having Participants Role Play With Each Other Is An Effective Way To Build Skills, Even If There Isn’t An Experienced Person Evaluating The Role Play.

  • True
  • False

What’s The Sales Manager’s Role In The Final Phase Of A Sales Training, Where Each Team Member Continues To Improve On The Skill Until They’ve Fully Mastered It?

  • Increasing team members’ quotas to encourage them to apply their new skills
  • Communicating the key outcomes of the training to the executive team and other departments inside the company
  • Coaching individual team members to help them reach mastery
  • Removing any team members who don’t apply the skills

What’s The Sales Manager’s Role In The Fourth Phase Of A Sales Training, When The Team Applies Their New Skills In The Real World?

  • Ensuring what was covered in training is kept top of mind for the members of the sales team
  • Assessing team members on how well they can apply what they’ve learned
  • Coaching individual team members to help them reach mastery
  • Holding team members accountable to integrating the training into their actual workflow

When Choosing A Sales Methodology, What’s The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind?

  • How well the methodology matches the personalities of your salespeople
  • How long the methodology will take to implement
  • How likely your sales team will be to fully adopt the methodology in all of their sales conversations
  • How well the methodology will work with your process and your target persona

Which Of The Following Has The Biggest Impact On Potential Leads?

  • Your existing customers’ word-of-mouth
  • Your company’s marketing collateral
  • Your sales team’s ability to answer questions and respond to objections
  • The quality of your sales hires

Fill In The Blank: Every Step Of Your Sales Process Needs To Be _____.

  • Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely
  • Required, factual, inspectable, and buyer-centric
  • Urgent, important, qualified, and profitable
  • Clear, concise, complete, and correct

Which Of The Following Is The Most Important Responsibility Of A Sales Leader?

  • Researching market trends and making sure the team adapts to them
  • Setting team goals and ensuring every team member contributes toward hitting them
  • Hiring new salespeople and integrating them into the existing team
  • Making sure the sales team is following an effective sales process

During The Options Step Of GROW Coaching, What Is Your Role As Coach?

  • Provide the salesperson with a list of options for achieving their goal.
  • Help the salesperson explore their options for getting from where they currently are to where they want to be.
  • Explore what options the salesperson has if they fail to achieve their goal.
  • Help the salesperson consider whether the goal is optional.

Which Of The Following Is True Of Most Sales Organizations?

  • They would be better off not implementing a coaching program than implementing an ineffective program.
  • Their salespeople’s performance is unlikely to be improved by coaching.
  • They spend too much time coaching their salespeople.
  • They don’t coach their salespeople as much as they should.

During The Consideration Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey, What Is The Buyer Considering?

  • Different categories of solutions
  • Different solution vendors
  • Whether they want to make a change
  • How much of a priority their current problem should be

During The Awareness Stage Of The Buyer’s Journey, What Is The Buyer Becoming Aware Of?

  • Your product or service
  • A problem they have
  • The principles of an inbound strategy
  • Changes in the market

If A Highly Dedicated Salesperson Is Unable To Improve Their Low Sales Performance Despite Coaching Efforts, What Is Your Best Course Of Action?

  • Fire them.
  • Help them find a different role within your company.
  • Continue coaching them.
  • Leave them on the team but focus your coaching efforts elsewhere.

Which Salesperson Would Most Benefit From A Coaching Program?

  • An underperforming salesperson who is dedicated to improving
  • A top performer who wants to get even better
  • A top performer who doesn’t like following the sales process
  • An underperforming salesperson who doesn’t engage in group trainings

Which Of The Following Is A Best Practice For Onboarding Newly Hired Salespeople?

  • Cover everything they might ever need to know and then provide review sessions later on to reinforce what they learned.
  • Have them start selling immediately and then coach them on the mistakes they make.
  • Cover the things they need to get started and train them on the rest later on when they need it.
  • Get input from every department at your company to ensure your onboarding program is truly comprehensive.

Which Of The Following Should Be The Primary Focus Of Your Sales Onboarding Program?

  • Your company’s goals and initiative
  • The products or services you sell
  • Your team’s culture and values
  • Your sales process and playbook

Fill In The Blanks: When Building A Recruiting Strategy, Building Relationships With Top Sales Talent At Other Companies Is _____, While Building Relationships With High-Performing Business Development Reps At Other Companies Is _____.

  • a short-term strategy, a long-term strategy
  • a long-term strategy, a short-term strategy
  • an ideal strategy, usually a mistake
  • a good primary tactic, a good secondary tactic

When Creating Interview Questions For Sales Hires, Which Of The Following Approaches Is A Best Practice?

  • Use the same questions for all candidates for all sales roles.
  • Create a different set of questions for each sales role, but use the same questions for all candidates for a particular role.
  • Create a different set of questions for each candidate, tailoring the questions to their experience and the role they’re applying for.
  • It doesn’t matter what questions you ask in a given interview as long as you use the same grading rubric for each candidate.

When Hiring Salespeople, What Is The Most Important Thing To Look For?

  • Innate sales skills
  • Selling experience
  • Proven rapport with your target persona or industry
  • The ability to execute your sales process

True Or False? The Sales Team Needs To Be Using The Same Hiring Process Used By Other Departments.

  • True
  • False

What’s The Best Way To Avoid Making Bad Sales Hires?

  • Limit the number of places you publish job postings.
  • Focus on hiring people referred by team members.
  • Hire experienced salespeople.
  • Develop a robust hiring process.

True Or False? During Coaching Sessions, The Salesperson Needs To Identify Their Own Path Forward.

  • True
  • False

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of An Ineffective Coaching Technique That Should Be Avoided?

  • The sales team has a film review to listen to a sales call a team member ran, and the manager assigns another team member to give critical feedback.
  • During a pipeline review, the sales manager allows the salespeople to ask each other inspection questions instead of the sales manager asking the questions.
  • A salesperson is struggling to write a follow-up email, so the sales manager steps in and writes it for them.
  • During a one-on-one meeting, the sales manager asks the salesperson to choose what skill they want to work on.

What’s The Sales Manager’s Role In The Third Phase Of A Sales Training, When The Sales Team Converts Knowledge Into Behavior?

  • Applying the training to their own role as sales manager
  • Planning the next sales training session as a follow-up to what was learned
  • Providing salespeople with a safe place to practice their new skills
  • Increasing team members’ quotas to encourage them to apply their new skills

What’s The Sales Manager’s Role In The Second Phase Of A Sales Training, When The Training Is Reinforced?

  • Ensuring the salespeople who attended the training understood what was taught
  • Establishing consequences for salespeople who didn’t attend the training
  • Communicating the key outcomes of the training to the executive team and other departments inside the company
  • Setting team goals based on what was covered in the training

True Or False? You Need To Continually Evaluate How Well Your Sales Process Is Working.

  • True
  • False

What Format Should Your Sales Playbook Be In?

  • A physically printed format
  • An interactive digital format
  • Video
  • In-person training

What Is The Best Way To Provide Content To Your Sales Team?

  • Provide them with a framework that helps them match specific pieces of content to the specific needs of their prospects.
  • Provide them with as much content as possible to ensure that they have a relevant piece of content for every conversation they might have.
  • Empower them to create custom content for each prospect they work with.
  • Provide them with content templates so they can easily create personalized content in the moment they need it.

True Or False? Combining Multiple Methodologies Causes Confusion And Low Performance.

  • True
  • False

True Or False? Making The Steps Of Your Sales Process Buyer-Centric Can Be As Simple As Changing Their Names A Little Bit.

  • True
  • False

Which Of The Following Should Be Included In Your Sales Process?

  • The actions taken by your marketing team before your salespeople get involved
  • Steps to ensure closed customers received the value your team promised them
  • Contingency plans for what your team should do when a prospect doesn’t progress as quickly as expected
  • Word-for-word scripts for your salespeople to follow in every meeting

Which Of The Following Groups Is The Easiest To Sell To?

  • Unhappy customers
  • New prospects
  • Past prospects
  • Happy customers

A Colleague At Another Company Has Developed A Sales Process With Four Steps In It. They Are Concerned That The Process Is Too Short. What Would You Tell Them?

  • “If the process is robust enough to support the needs of your sales team, it doesn’t matter how long or short it is.”
  • “Shorter processes are easier for salespeople to remember and execute, so having such a short process is ideal.”
  • “Don’t forget to include steps for places where a sale runs into trouble. Have you considered adding steps for following up, rescheduling meetings, and finding a new point of contact?”
  • “Four steps might actually be too long. The ideal sales process has three steps: prospect, demo, close.”

True Or False? You Can Forecast As Accurately With An Informal Sales Process As You Can With A Formal Sales Process.

  • True
  • False

Fill In The Blanks: Each Step Of Your Sales Process Is A Combination Of _____ And _____.

  • A buyer action, a monetary outcome
  • Internal actions, external actions
  • External actions, internal documentation
  • A rep-focused action, a buyer-focused outcome

What Is The “Source Of Truth” For Every Sale’s Status?

  • Your pipeline meetings
  • Your business intelligence dashboard
  • Your CRM
  • The assigned salesperson

What Are Exit Criteria?

  • The things a salesperson needs to achieve before being promoted to manager
  • The actions that have to be taken before a sales can move out of a particular stage of your sales process
  • The circumstances that justify removing a salesperson from the sales team, either by firing them or by moving them to another department
  • The qualifications for a prospect to become a customer

True Or False? A Good Sales Process Has Enough Flexibility To Allow Salespeople To Adapt To The Needs Of Individual Prospects.

  • True
  • False

How Can Pipeline Meetings Be A Coaching Opportunity?

  • As you review each salesperson’s pipeline, you can teach them the best approach for each sale they’re pursuing.
  • As your salespeople review each other’s pipeline, they can hold one another accountable and share best practices.
  • As your salespeople each review their own pipeline, they can look for places where they need coaching.
  • As your executive team reviews the sales organization’s pipeline, they can identify the salespeople who are struggling and assign leaders to coach them.

How Can A Film Review Be Used As Part Of A Coaching Strategy?

  • As your team comes together to discuss their favorite movies and other topics not related to work, they will build trust with one another and be more open to coaching.
  • As you review recordings of how individual salespeople spend their working hours, you’ll be able to give them specific recommendations on how they can improve.
  • As your team reviews a specific call or meeting one of your salespeople ran, other team members can give advice on how that salesperson can improve in the future.
  • As your salespeople meet with their leads, they can click the filmstrip icon inside HubSpot CRM to indicate the meetings they need help with. Their manager can see a list of these meetings and coach the salesperson through each one.

Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of GROW Coaching?

  • It places the responsibility for improvement on the person being coached.
  • It can be implemented without any direct involvement from sales management.
  • It gives the management team more control over individual salespeople.
  • It simplifies the way salespeople report their progress.

True Or False? When You Coach A Salesperson, You Should Spend More Time Listening Than Talking.

  • True
  • False

During The Way Forward Step Of GROW Coaching, What Is Your Role As Coach?

  • Help the rep decide how they will achieve their goal and how you can support them.
  • Determine for the rep the best way for them to achieve the goal.
  • Explain to the rep what they’ll need to do after accomplishing the goal.
  • Ask the rep how you can improve your coaching efforts in the future.

During The Reality Step Of GROW Coaching, What Is Your Role As Coach?

  • Help the salesperson judge how realistic the goal is.
  • Explain to the salesperson the reality of what they need to achieve.
  • Help the salesperson create a realistic plan for achieving the goal.
  • Help the salesperson evaluate the reality of where they are right now.

During The Goal Step Of GROW Coaching, What Is Your Role As Coach?

  • Set a goal for your salesperson to achieve.
  • Ensure the salesperson’s personal goals are aligned with team goals.
  • Ask the salesperson what goal they would like to set.
  • Work with the salesperson to set a goal for your coaching sessions.

What Are The Steps Of The GROW Coaching Technique?

  • Goal, Reality, Options, Way forward
  • Growth, Resilience, Optimism, Wealth
  • Gradual improvement, Realistic goals, Ongoing support, Willing compliance
  • Grade, Redirect, Optimize, Watch

True Or False? Having Reliable Sales Data Is Required To Create An Effective Coaching Program.

  • True
  • False

When In The Buyer’s Journey Should You Try To Connect With A Buyer?

  • During the decision stage, when they are deciding on a specific product or service
  • Before they even begin their buyer’s journey so that you can lead them through it
  • Before the decision stage, when they are still defining their path forward
  • After the buyer’s journey is over and they have decided to buy from you

What Are The Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey?

  • Identify, connect, explore, advise
  • Awareness, consideration, decision
  • Enable, align, transform
  • Attract, engage, delight

Why Is It Common For Companies To Think Of Themselves In Terms Of A Funnel?

  • Because flywheels were only recently invented, but funnels have been around for much longer.
  • Because funnels are powered by gravity, just as businesses are anchored by revenue.
  • Because companies that don’t use the inbound methodology are inherently funnel-shaped.
  • Because many business charts show conversion rates, and those charts are often shaped like a funnel.

In A Flywheel Business, Which Of The Following Is The Most Important Source Of New Prospects?

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Advertisements
  • Word-of-mouth

Which Of The Following Is A Problem With Thinking Of Your Business As A Funnel? (Duplicate Question 2)

  • There is a larger volume of liquid in the top of the funnel than in the bottom of the funnel.
  • After something exits the bottom of a funnel, it no longer has any impact on the things entering the top of the funnel.
  • The funnel is an outdated piece of technology that has been replaced in modern times by more elegant solutions.
  • A funnel can’t balance upright without external support.

Which Of The Following Is A Problem With Thinking Of Your Business As A Funnel? (Duplicate Question 1)

  • Movement through a funnel immediately stops when things stop flowing into the top of the funnel.
  • The shape of a funnel doesn’t match the actual shape of a conversion chart.
  • There are many different kinds of funnels, each with its own shape.
  • When you pour liquid into a funnel, some of the liquid will stick to the sides of the funnel instead of coming out the bottom.

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Formal Job Story?

  • It was my anniversary, and I wanted to go someplace nice, so I made reservations at a local bed and breakfast. They offered a packaged deal with a local theater and a restaurant, and it was a good price, so I bought it.
  • As a founder, when my company has grown beyond my ability to control it, I want to learn the strategies and design the playbooks that will help me guide the growth of my company, so that I can double the size of my company in the next three to five years.
  • I wanted to understand my customers’ job to be done, so I interviewed several of them, mapped out the timeline of everything that led them to buy my product, and looked for patterns.
  • I have a long, boring drive to work, and I need something to help me stay engaged and prevent me from getting hungry before 10:00.

Which Of The Following Is The BEST Way To Uncover The Job That People Hire Your Product To Do?

  • By interviewing individual customers.
  • By sending out a survey to some of your customers.
  • By researching similar products online.
  • By bringing your marketing and sales teams together to brainstorm possible jobs.

Which Of The Following Is A Benefit Of Using Jobs To Be Done?

  • It helps you identify the products you’re indirectly competing with.
  • It helps you identify strategic alliances with products in other industries.
  • It helps you understand why your customers buy from you.
  • All of the above.

Fill In The Blank: While Buyer Personas Help You Understand Who Your Customer Is, Jobs To Be Done Helps You Understand Your Customer’s _____.

  • motivations
  • role
  • job description
  • point of view

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