20+ Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Questions And Answers

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Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Questions And Answers

Question 1. What Will Be The Relative Humidity At Saturation Point?

Relative humidity = 100 %

Question 2. Explain The Principle Of Refrigeration?

The operation is in line with the second legislation of thermodynamics – Heat may be made to movement from chilly physique to scorching physique with the assistance of exterior supply.

Question 3. What Is Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioner repeatedly attracts the air from the house to be cooled & cools it by the precept of refrigeration and discharge it again to the identical indoor house that should be cooled.

Question 4. What Is Wet Bulb Depression?

Wet bulb despair is the distinction between dry bulb temperature and moist bulb temperature.

Question 5. Define Relative Humidity?

Relative humidity is the ratio between the precise moisture content of the air in contrast with the moisture content of the air required for saturation on the identical temperature.

Question 6. What Is Refrigeration?

Refrigeration is the method of repeatedly cooling or extraction of warmth from the ambiance or environment with the assistance of exterior work.

Question 7. Difference Between The Refrigeration And Heat Pump?

Refrigerators ejects warmth with work enter. But warmth pumps offers warmth with work enter.

Refrigerator incorporates the warmth pump, it pumps the warmth out in order that your system stays chilly.

Question 8. What Is Sensible Heat Ratio (shr)?

The Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR) categorical the ratio between the wise warmth load and the full warmth load.

Question 9. How Much Resistance Is Offered To Heat Flow By Dropwise Condensation?


Question 10. Why Rate Of Condensation Is Higher On A Polished Surface Compared To Rusty Surface?

Polished floor promotes drop sensible condensation and doesn’t moist the floor.

Question 11. What Is Mechanical Refrigeration ?

Producing chilly by machine.

Question 12. Classify The Different Refrigeration Systems?

It could also be of the next three varieties:

Vapor Compression Refrigeration System
Vapor absorption Refrigeration System
Air Refrigeration Systems

Question 13. What Are The Basic Units Of Mechanical Refrigeration Systems?

Refrigeration system has Four primary models

An Evaporator – The cooling Unit
A pump or Compressor
A Condenser – The warmth disposer
A liquid mixing machine – Expansion valve or cylinder or capillary tube
Question 14. Which Unit Produces Cooling Effect In The Refrigeration System ?

The evaporator

Question 15. What Is The Unit Of Refrigeration?

As Power Unit of mechanical gadgets is given by H.P , for electrical tools the unit of energy is kW or MW . In the identical method the unit of refrigeration is ” Tonnes of Refrigeration ”

Question 16. What Is One Tonne Of Refrigeration ?

One Tonne of Refrigeration means machine is able to eradicating warmth from a physique equal to the warmth absorbed by one tonne of ice when it melts from 0 ° C to 0 ° C Water in 24 hours . Here one tonne is the same as 2000 lb .

Question 17. What Is The Capacity Of One Tonne Machine In Mks System?

In MKS system a machine having capability to supply cooling impact of 50 kcal/minute is understood to be a “One Tonne Machine”

Question 18. Define Co-efficient Of Performance?

In case of engine the efficiency is judged the effectivity of the engine. That is – Efficiency = Work Done / Heat Supplied .

And in case of refrigeration the method is first reversed that’s we have now to produce work to acquire decrease temperature or say for that removing of warmth. Thus efficiency of refrigeration is simply reversed . That is – N/W

Where – N = The price of warmth abstracted from the physique in given time technically known as “Net Refrigeration Effect” and W = Work Done .

Thus COP = Net Refrigeration Effect / Work Done Supplied . This is Called Theoretical COP .

Question 19. What Is Relative Cop ?

It is the ratio of precise COP and Theoretical COP

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